Ebony Peak Campbell

I am (EPC) I am she and she is me there is no EPC without I 


The Owner of Prominent Events & Designs LLC, passion is planning weddings, events and interior decorating; while bringing elegance, class, sophistication and prominence with one touch.
Her appreciation of the art came through her enjoyment of planning/decorating events and home decor.
(EPIC) began design decorating in high school; she would stage her bedroom with different interior design sets and create stylish trendy clothing to wear.
Her Passion would have her entering homes as a guest and rearranging and redecorating family and friend spaces.
Ebony’s ultimate goal is to deliver tailor-made, affordable, elegant events and interior decor to the Birmingham, Alabama Metropolitan Area and surrounding cities. With flawless planning; she will execute your affair and your interior  design desires while implementing an enjoyable and memorable experience for the clients.
Her motto is to step each client into Prominence one event and home at a time.